As an integral part of a trademark protection strategy, trademark owners are responsible for enforcing their own rights, including the monitoring of others' conflicting use of marks. Therefore, it is recommended to employ trademark watch services in order to prevent others for registering confusingly similar trademarks and to avoid lengthy, risky and costly court proceedings to invalidate such marks later. 

Thanks to our extensive and up-to-date in-house database of all published TR trademark applications and registrations, we actively monitor current publications at the Turkish Patent Institute in visual, aural and conceptual respects and notify you of potentially infringing trademark applications.

 Our special trademark watch service, MarkAlarm®, allows you
to receive alerts and monitor monthly unauthorized use of your trademark and third-party filing of similar marks
to file opposition in time and to take required measures there against if there is a likelihood of confusion
to prevents such applications from being registered and to prevent any damage that your mark may suffer from.
before it is too late...
For watch and registration services at customs, please be referred to the relevant title at our services directory.

If you require a professional service in order to watch up your trademark in Turkey, please just contact us through [email protected]