Basics Regarding Patentability Of Inventions In Turkey

Inventions may relate to products, processes or industrial applications.  Patents are therefore granted to inventions that:
(i)    Are New or Novel
(ii)    Involve an inventive step
(iii)    Comprise of a process or an Industrial application of the invention.
For an Invention to be patentable, it should contain the following:
(i).  Novelty:   An invention is considered new or novel if it is not included in the state of the art.  State of the art consists of all the information available and accessible to the public prior to the date of filing for the patent application nationally or internationally by means of its description, use or any other method by which it may be known or utilised by experts in the field.
(ii).  Inventive Step:  is, given the prevailing state of the art, it is not obvious to an expert in that field.  An invention is considered "obvious" when it is within the grasp of a skilled person in that field of expertise & therefore to be expected from him.
(iii).  Industrial Application:  of the invention would be "when the object of the invention may be produced, manufactured or used in any kind of industry including agriculture"