Requisites For Filing Of Industrial Design

Requirements For Design Application
•    Copy of the drawings;( six views such as front, rear, left side, right side, top plan and bottom plan views. And additional drawings such as perspective and cross-sectional views also may be submitted) - photographs in jpg format
•    The full name and address of each creator;
•    The full name and address of each applicant;
•    The name of article to which the design is applied;
•     The filing date, application number and country of the priority application; and
•    The priority document 
•    Statement of Novelty in respect of the articles to which industrial design is applied to.  However, not required while registering wallpaper, lace or textile articles.
•    Full payment of fees.
Statement of Novelty: Novelty refers to originality, something new or unusual.  In this context, if the Controller General so deems necessary, may direct the applicant to endorse the application and the representations with a brief statement of novelty that he claims over the designs so submitted for registration.
Prior Disclosure destroys novelty of the Design so extreme care has to be taken to maintain secrecy of the Design.  However, in Turkey, the applicant can file the application within 12 months after disclosure which will still retain novelty.