Industrial Design

Turkey has accepted industrial design protection in 1995.Before 1995,all of the industrial design infringements were considered as a part of unfair competition. Beginning from 1995, industrial designs are protected in condition to novelty and distinctive character. Turkey is party to La Haye Convention ( from 01.01.2005) , Paris Convention and TRIPS Agreement. It is possible to make global industrial design applications for the citizens of Turkish Republic. The most common application procedure for industrial design applications abroad is to assign an attorney in the requested country and make local design application. As a matter of fact Turkey is not one of the leading countries for industrial designs. International agreements are valid in Turkey. According to Turkish Law, international agreements and conventions, which Turkey has been, party thereto, cannot be claimed illegitimate. A design, which is registered in Turkey, cannot be ipso facto accepted as granted in the other countries. Since Turkey does not have overseas territories, a design application is bounded with the geographical boundaries of Turkey.